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Booker is 10 weeks old now, and I am absolutely so in love with him, it continues to grow just when I think it's impossible.  He is incredibly curious, alert, active, and most of all the kid is just genuinely happy 99% of the time.  I feel blessed that I have such a healthy and ~chill~ baby boy, and I cannot imagine my life without him.  That being said, I want to share something deeply personal that I feel not a lot of women do.

I did not feel a loving connection to Booker when he was born.

Booker's Nursery

Booker's Nursery

When designing and buying for his room, I really didn't want to overdo a "theme".  After hours upon hours on pinterest, I decided to go with a "soft jungle" vibe (LOL).  Our entire house has muted, neutral tones throughout, so I wanted to keep his room that way as well.  However, I did go out of my comfort zone by adding some navy accents, and I am SO glad I did. 90% of his room was either second hand or on sale, and I'm ecstatic with how it all came together.  Keep reading to see all the details!
5 Baby Items Every New Mom Needs!

5 Baby Items Every New Mom Needs!

Every new mom gets so many tips and a ton of advice before their little one arrives, so here's some more!  I was told before I had Booker that I would need these items, but I didn't realize how crucial they would be in helping me survive my first month as a new mom.  If anybody asked me what items I couldn't live without, these would be the top of the list!