5 Baby Items Every New Mom Needs!

Every new mom gets so many tips and a ton of advice before their little one arrives, so here's some more!  I was told before I had Booker that I would need these items, but I didn't realize how crucial they would be in helping me survive my first month as a new mom.  If anybody asked me what items I couldn't live without, these would be the top of the list!

1. Halo Sleepsack Swaddles

There are SO many swaddles on the market and I've tried 3 different kinds!  Halo Sleepsacks have by far been our favorite. They're easy to navigate and the only swaddles that actually keep Booker from breaking out (he's unbelievably strong for his age, shocking).  Booker is almost 14 pounds and nearly out of the NB size, so I've already bought the next size up.  They help him sleep longer and keep him warm without making him too hot!  We got all of ours from Target.

2. Paci Clips- @shaycoshop

Paci clips have been absolutely crucial- especially when you have dogs!  I can't tell you how many times I've lots a pacifier already, but when I use my clip for Shay Co Shop, they're always right where I left them.  Any time I lose one, I only find it AFTER it has been chewed up by a pupper.  The clips and pacifiers from @shaycoshop on instagram are not only high quality but the CUTEST I have found by far.  Here's Bookie using his the day after he was born!

3. Boppy Pillows

I cannot say enough about the Boppy Pillow & Boppy Lounger.  The pillow is great for breast feeding or bottle feeding, and continues to be useful as they grow.  The pillow fits around your waist so you're not having to hold them and a bottle or a boob at the same time!  The lounger is definitely Booker's favorite thing to nap it, it's shaped perfectly so that his head is supported and it's safe, there's no way he'd be able to roll off for months.  They're so affordable & come in so many cute patterns.

4. Halo Bassinet

I know you all have probably heard of this, and the hype is real.  If you haven't, it's a bassinet that swivels and turns, which makes it perfect for babies under the age of 6 months, since it is recommended that they sleep in the same room as you until at least that age.  I'm able to wake up, feed, and change him without ever getting out of bed, due to the swivel feature.  They have attachments you can buy, such as a diaper caddy and mobile to make it comfortable for you and baby.  It's a tad pricey, but worth every penny when you're just trying to survive those sleepless nights.

5. Nose Frida

Okay this may sound gross, but this will be so necessary and save your life.  It's a device that allows you to literally suck all the boogers and mucous from babies nose.  Don't worry, it's made so that none of it would ever come close to your mouth!  I didn't realize that babies breathe strictly through their noses, and any sort of blockage in their airway can look super scary to first time parents when little babe is trying to clear it to breathe.  It's totally normal for newborns to get stuffed up, and it doesn't mean they're sick!  Best part is the this magical device costs less than $10, and works way better than any suction bulb we have tried!

Hopefully this helps any new mommas out there, or even a first time aunt/friend who needs to buy something for the new baby in their life!

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