Booker's Nursery

It has taken me way too long to write this, however I feel like his nursery is finally complete after all the meaningful gifts have been added to the room.  When designing and buying for his room, I really didn't want to overdo a "theme".  After hours upon hours on pinterest, I decided to go with a "soft jungle" vibe (LOL).  Our entire house has muted, neutral tones throughout, so I wanted to keep his room that way as well.  However, I did go out of my comfort zone by adding some navy accents, and I am SO glad I did. 90% of his room was either second hand or on sale, and I'm ecstatic with how it all came together.  Keep reading to see all the details!

Reading corner-

This chair is amazing, it's a swivel chair by Delta (probably my favorite baby furniture brand).  It was originally over $300 and I got it on sale for $220 on amazon.  It's a cream color with some heather grey in there, and I think it helps tie all the neutrals together perfectly.  The curtains are two-toned blackout curtains from Ikea!

The canopy is from amazon as well and was $25. Our little friend Chico the Cheetah was a gift from Grandpa from the hospital gift shop just an hour after Booker arrived!  He keeps Bookie safe at night and he's obviously cute af.

This stool is one of my favorite pieces in the room, I found it at Hobby Lobby along with the lamp, they were the two first things I bought for his room and what started my inspiration.  The side table is Ikea, and it is the same side table B and I have in our room- we loved it so we decided to get the same one, it's from the Hemnes line.


This crib is a hand-me-down and was originally grey!  I knew I wanted a white crib, so I asked my dad if he would be willing to paint it for me, and of course he was.  I got the crib for $75 from a good friend and I just think it's stunning in white!!

These adorable pictures on the wall are actually hand-painted, and I got them form a Boston flea market of sorts!  They are all baby animals and I was so excited to have some custom artwork for his room.  I got washed our driftwood type frames for $12 a piece from Target to tie in with the cream colored rocker.  This lighting was tricky- this room actually didn't have it's own overhead light, but thank goodness for Ikea.  You can get an adjustable hanging light that will work in any room, and you can customize the look.  We are able to dim the lights and choose if we want yellow or white light.  I went with a navy shade as an accent.  I think the entire system, including all of the lighting accessories only cost $75.

Of course I had to show you the mobile- this is Pottery Barn Kids and was a gift from one of our showers.  It's jungle themed and plays music.

Changing Table-

This was one of the only fully priced items ($200) we purchased for Booker's room.  It is Delta Children's changing table, and weirdly enough, it was one of the only ones I could find that had three, fully enclosed drawers.  I really wanted something that would double as storage and his changing table.  I picked white to match the rest of the furniture, although I still need to get cuter knobs from Hobby Lobby.

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PIECE IN THE ROOM CLEARLY IS THE JUNGLE RING AND B. I mean c'mon, it's beautiful.  This is a custom piece on Etsy by FramingA, and I had to splurge on this one.  But let me tell you, it was worth every penny of the $100.

I'm a huge fan of rugs, and even bigger fan of Ikea rugs, so I found this somewhat abstract patterned rug with a mix of black, grey, and white.  I think it adds a pop of darker toned colors that the room needed! It's a 5x7 shag rug and was $80.

And our hamper is a gift from Aunt Ninamarie!  We had a different one originally, but she sent me a picture of this one a couple months before he was born and I was all "Yes sis, yes." It's from Marshall's Home Goods & was too perfect not to use.

 Day Bed-

This item is why it's a tad tight in his room, and to be honest we had bought it for guests before we ever knew this room would be a nursery.  However, we decided to keep it for when people visit or my mom's spend the night to help with Booker.  Plus, it's just cute.

The shelving unit and greenery are both Ikea, and that stunning canvas from our maternity shoot is courtesy of Diblasio Photo!  All of the stuffed animals are Ikea (can you tell we love Ikea???), and the assorted pillows are from Target.  The gorgeous quilt was from my best friends (shoutout to the Myspace Top 5), and is Pottery Barn Kids.

It was important to me to have a display of Booker's Books (HA), so I chose this Pottery Barn shelf.  It's the larger size and I will probably now order the smaller one to go above it, because I have way more books than what is shown here and nowhere to put them yet!


He already has 284 toys that he can't even play with yet, but we love these thread baskets from Target with little bear faces! We have two and both were gifts.  (Also shoutout to Uncle Bean for the Vintage Brutus Buckeye).

Lastly, if you're a mom you know that you accumulate WAY too many blankets!! A lot of ours have sentimental value and I wanted to keep them, so I needed something cute to display them. I'm not even sure if this rack is what it was intended for, but I saw it at Ikea for $12 and it is now a blanket rack.

Lastly, the cute little bamboo stand holding his humidifier (it needed to be 10 feet from his crib) is from Target and was $25.  It's super lightweight and needed to be small to fit in our tight space, but it does the job!

Overall I'm seriously obsessed with his room.  It's 10x more gorgeous and organized than the rest of our house, but I suppose that's how it goes now... If you are having a baby and decorating a nursery soon, I would love to see pictures or give any tips I found along the way.  

Happy decorating! XO, Kate.

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  • I love Booker’s nursery and you did a great job Kate!! I also love your post❤️.

    Kathy Lindsey

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